5 Unique Rings For Couples

When searching for the perfect ring, there are many factors to consider. The look of the ring is probably one of the most important aspects of a ring buying experience. The next would have to be the price, to ensure that what you love is also what you can afford. Luckily, there is a place that has a great selection at affordable prices where you can browse through their vast selection.

Urbanrings.com is a site with an amazing collection of unique and exciting couple’s rings that complement each other. Finding the perfect combination can truly make a lasting impact. Below are a few options to consider in your quest for unique couple’s rings.

Titanium with CZ – If you are interested in titanium metal, there is a band available with the brushed titanium style and one strip of ion plated (IP) gold with a clear cubic zirconia accent stud in the center of the band as if it were held by pressure and not prongs. This look is classy and unique and is right around $50.

“One Ring” – If you are a follower of the Lord of Rings series, It may be the one for you. This ring is a same as that of the ring in the series and it can harness magical powers, such as invisibility, and bring a newfound strength. It is Black IP on stainless steel and is around $50.

Forever – This is a stainless steel ring with “forever” etched into it and it is accented with one cubic zirconia. It is a beautiful ring that is classy and elegant and it is only $46.

Heartbeat ring – Another unique and meaningful couple ring shows the pattern of a heartbeat etched into a black IP stainless steel ring. It is laser etched and a beautiful contrast to the black design and is around $50.

Rose Gold Glitter- If you are looking for something a bit flashier, the rose gold band with glitter and a band of CZ down the middle would be a perfect match. It can complement your adventurous side and it is around $50.

Take a look and browse around to find a perfect couple ring fit on the urbanrings.com site. The site can show you all that is out there that is affordable and unique. Whether you are looking for glitter, gold, titanium, or just stainless steel; they have an assortment that should fit your needs.

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