Make Flower Jewellery at Home – Know The Steps

Use of flowers to make jewellery has been a part of Indian culture since time immemorial. In ancient times, before metal, silver & gold jewellery came into picture, women used to wear garlands, ear pieces, head pieces or gajras, anklets made of flowers! Their use was discontinued with the advent of newer metals & forms of jewellery. But even today, floral jewellery is used in weddings to decorate the bride, for baby showers etc. Nowadays flower jewellery is used by many young women occasionally & that is why today we are going to tell you how to make some awesome flower jewellery at home. So order flowers online in India, go through our article & start making DIY flower jewellery;

Make floral earrings with some earrings backs, some scissors, earring posts or studs. Order flowers online in India & get to work! Take fresh flowers of your choice & insert studs or earring posts into them. Make sure you insert them through thick parts of the flower or through the flower’s central part! Insert earring backs & voila! You have made yourself some beautiful floral earrings.

Make flower necklaces by buying thread, glitter thread or twine of the colour of your choice & take flowers of two or more colours which go well together! Thread the flowers through them, about 6 or so to make a necklace. Secure the end with a necklace clasp attached to your twine.

You can even match your necklace with some outfit of yours by using flowers with colours complementing it! If you want to make a flower garland, string flowers all the way in the twine & tie the ends together. Anklets can be made in the same way.Make a floral bracelet by taking a strip of thin & firm plastic. Order flowers online in India & select your favourite ones among them. Spray roses work best for bracelets or corsages.Cut the stem of the chosen flower & insert wire through the strong part of the flower and pierce it through the plastic.Do the same with any weeds or sprigs you wish to add to the bracelet. Attach the plastic to a long piece of ribbon so that the wire hides between the plastic & the ribbon! Your bracelet is ready to use!

You can make a beautiful flower ring by taking a piece of elastic & making a ring out of it by circling it around your finger to measure it out & sewing its ends together. Take a beautiful flower of your choice and remove the stem. Sew the centre of the flower to the elastic ring & there you have it, your ring is ready for use!

So order flowers online in India & start making some floral jewellery on your own using our ideas! Be creative & you can make a statement by wearing your handmade jewellery on various occasions! Most importantly enjoy making floral jewellery & be sure to share our tips with others

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