Surprise Your Artistic Friend With These Gifts Now!

We all have some friends who have an artistic temperament! These are the friends who are in a world of their own, absorbed in some artistic project or the other, the ones who have deadlines to catch up to and the late night sketchers. We all know them and know about their love for everything ‘art’ as well! Thinking of giving the art fanatic a surprise? If yes, connect the surprise with something artistic to instantly catch his or her attention & to get into their good books! Use our unique ideas to surprise your artistic temperamental friend. Read on;

  1. Buy personalised caricatures! – Who will appreciate great art if not people who have an artistic temperament? So buy personalised caricatures for your artistic friend by giving his or her best photo to a caricature artist who will transform the photo to something out of the world! Gift it to your friend by framing it up to make him leap with joy. Buy personalised caricatures in fun themes as well such as bollywood etc. to surprise your friend! Give it to him or her when he or she least expects it.
  2. Chalkboard mugs! – Artists are usually moody people and their thoughts and ideas run faster than the speed of light. This is why the gift that you give them should be able to catch up with them. We have a perfect idea for you which os budget friendly yet awesome – A chalkboard mug! Help your artist make it through late nights and deadlines with his or her coffee mug. This coffee mug will allow him or her to make new designs on it with chalk everyday as per his or her mood. He or she can even write down a to do list on it while drinking their favourite drink! Get attractive chalkboard mugs at equally attractive prices online.
  3. Art magazine subscriptions! – Chances are that he or she already has tons of them as artists are incomplete without their artist subscriptions. In case he or she doesn’t have a particular one that you have mentioned them craving for, gift them that very particular magazine’s subscription. This is sure to delight the artist & may also allow you to have a personal preview of his or her work in progress which artists are actually so wary about!
  4. Is the artist suffering from an artist’s block like a writer’s version of a writing block? If yes, sign him or her up to some advanced & professional art classes corresponding to his field in art or you can enrolled him into any professional workshops to help him or her with new ideas or to spark his or her creative imagination. Your friend will thank you for this one and will definitely be surprised by your interest in his or her work!
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